Our Services

Microsys Technoware Solutions (P) Ltd. is committed to providing all types of software solutions to academic and education sectors. Starting from the development of customised softwares to implementation of OMR in public/entrance examinations, we provide one-stop solution. Our expertise in web technologies has enabled us to provide various web based solutions to clients such as accessing reports online, download of admit card, rank card, access exam results etc. We provide both offline and online support to the clients based on the need. Our areas of expertise include customised software development, image processing, sms communication, data processing, providing complete omr software and solutions to end users.

Our incessant research has resulted in development of new tools and technologies in quich succession. We provide support and upgradation of our products to our existing clients whenever new versions are released. Our team of experts provide exact guidance to end users as to the supply of OMR reader, document/image scanner, OMR software for data processing, design & printing of OMR sheets and implementation of OMR softwares & hardwares. We have designed more than 200 designs of OMR sheets for our existing clients and more than 30 patterns of mark-sheets. We offer integration of other packages to OMR Evaluation software so as to yield highly analytic reports in one page. For example, integration of Attendance Management software with OMR software will give you mark-sheets where a portion of space is utilised for placing percentage of attendance in various subjects. We also provide solutions to clients for development of any specific analytic reports containing photos, graphs, analyses etc as per the exact requirement of the end user. There are more than 300 schools, colleges, tutorials, examining bodies and universities who are regularly using our OMR solutions and services for the last few years.
Apart from our best selling software products, we are committed to providing services in the following domains :
  • Complete Automation to Schools, Colleges and Universities dealing with examination.
  • Sell, supply and implementation of OMR softwares for processing of application forms, evaluation of answer sheets, survey analysis etc.
  • Providing consulatancy and expert advice for OMR implementation.
  • Supply of OMR Readers / OMR Scanners to end users (Model : Scantron, Seikonic, Nanhao) for OMR data processing.
  • Supply of Document / Image scanners (Model : HP, Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak) for OMR data and Image processing.
  • Printing & Supply of OMR sheets (with timing marks) compatible to specific OMR readers.
  • Printing & Supply of software compatible OMR sheets.
  • Printing of bar codes on OMR sheets
  • Implementation of OMR software, hardware and services on a contractual / turnkey basis.
  • Providing support, service and maintenance to existing OMR implementation.
  • Providing imprinting support for data processing.
  • Generation of highly analytic reports and integration to existing OMR softwares.
  • SMS solution for sending results of examinations to parents / students.
  • Providing complete web solution to clients for launching of Online application forms, download of Admit cards, Rank cards etc
  • Complete web solution to access exam results, mark-sheets, progress reports online.
  • Online examination system with server space to conduct tests online.
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