About Us

Microsys Technoware Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to create excellence in software development & web technologies. It is a leading company with many joint ventures and collaborations in the fields of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Image Processing, Instant SMS Communication & Web based E-Automation solutions and is currently expanding innovative IT solutions to all existing and leading clients.

Our Mission is to create excellence and innovation from the art of creativity and to apply these unique thoughts to the development of software products that will evoke a new way of life of tomorrow’s technology.
Microsys was established in the year 2001 by the cumulative effort of a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing about a revolution in IT Sector and Academic Automation. Initiated by Er Kabi Prasad Mohanty, now working the Managing Director, Microsys has run a long way in software development. Warmly acclaimed by its clients all over India, Microsys has maintained the quality of its products and is regularly making updation whenever new versions are released. Driven by the constant need of our clients, we have extended our technical support in a various of ways. Development of new tools and technologies has always been a striding force for us to carry out further technical research in the R & D division which is open 24 hrs a day. Driven by the unique and innovative thought of our young and dynamic team, we have achieved whatever was beyond reach for us.
Within last nine years Microsys has grown from a small software development unit to one of India's reputed IT Companies with the release of four best selling OMR products : Optical Mark Pro, Tutorial Manager, Application Manager and Quality Evaluation. Having done immense, versatile projects, we have collected that much expertise so as to find out a unique solution to client’s requirement and even possible the high end solutions to achieve goal-oriented objectives. The primary motivation behind the development of these softwares is to eliminate some of the pitfalls encountered in available packages and to provide a consistent graphical user interface (GUI) to be supported by Windows environments. All the software products of Microsys are extensively used by the largest Educational sectors, Universities, Examination boards, Automobile industries, Financial sectors, telecommunications, news paper & media industries etc. With a unique magnitude in its software implementations to academic, private, public, telephonic and corporate sectors, Microsys warmly invites IT partnerships within and outside India for distribution and maintenance of its products, projects as well as joint research and resource development.
Microsys is located in the centre of Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, only 100 metres away from National Highway No-5. It is housed in the 1st floor, Plot No-6, in a well-surrounded natural landscape in a workable area of nearly 15'000 sq. ft.
Managed IT Services

Software quality management is more than defect repair. 1t is a pro-active, closed-loop software fitness program supporting continual integration of role players and steps in the quality process. Our quality management solution provides a full set of software delivery process guidelines, best practices and integrated team tools.

We provide technical support both offline as well as online on demand of our clients. We have even the upgradation support for the existing clients to the latest version of our products.

Our IT Services will help clients manage costs, improve performance and focus on core business needs. Our managed IT Services can maximize your return on investment, improve the performance and agility of your systems and enhance your productivity.
Microsys has 15-20 skilled technical persons to carry out development, research, testing and implementation of products as well as projects in client side. A part of the development team is quite dedicated to working in various sectors like image processing, optical mark enhancement with high resolution, mobile communications, dynamic web features development, component tools development, automation services, e-commerce tools development and numerous types of dynamic portals. The figure for non-technical staff is not included here.
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