Providing Consultancy for OMR Implementation
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is implemented in various ways depending upon the user’s choice, affordability and volume of work. Again, there are several scanner models available, that can be used for scanning of OMR sheets. These scanners widely vary over speed, features and cost. Scanners start from the flatbed range (costing approx Rs 3000/-) to high speed ADF scanners (costing approx Rs 75 lacs). Again, for processing of OMR sheets, the user has the option to purchase OMR Reader machines or Document scanners.
As is seen most often, a user becomes overwhelmed with confusion as to the purchase of scanner model that will suit to his exact requirement. If the OMR sheet has printing on both sides, then such scanners must be selected that support DUPLEX mode of scanning. During the choice of scanner model, the user has to keep in view the size of OMR sheet that are to be processed. For example, if the size of your sheet is LEGAL, you have to use such scanners that could scan 8.5 X 14 inch documents. Sometimes, users are wrongly guided by the software or hardware providers to purchase the scanner model that will yield a high monetary expenditure; where there could be some alternate solutions at lower budget with same output.
We recommend OMR Reader machines when the volume of work is very high. For small volume of work, we recommend Document/Image scanners as these are readily available with complete service and support.
Simply purchasing and installing the scanner of either type does not implement OMR. Complete implementation of OMR requires additional issues such as
  • Design and Printing of OMR sheets
• Software for scanning and data extraction from the OMR sheets
• Performing various calculations and operations on database
• Generation of reports in printable format
Our expert team provide the exact solution for choice of scanner model and software version depending upon your monetary budget for OMR implementation. Even you can consult our team of experts for the designing and printing of OMR sheets that look nice, decent and appreciable.
We are capable of implementing OMR on both OMR Reader Machines as well as Document/Image scanners. Our range of OMR softwares are compatible to both type of scanners. Any scanner model can be used for OMR implementation as our OMR softwares are independent of scanning of OMR sheets.
We also allow customization of softwares so as to meet any specific requirement of the end-user.
Before implementation of OMR, the user has to pay attention to following queries while consulting our team of expert :
  • What is the basic objective of procuring OMR solution ?
• Whether I need OMR solution regularly or only once/twice in a year ?
• What is the daily or monthly volume of work, if I need OMR solutions regularly ?
• Should I purchase the whole system (scanner and software) or should I hire OMR solution from a service provider ?
• What should be the design of OMR sheet ?
• What colour should be used for printing of OMR sheets ?
• Whether I need to print bar codes and Serial numbers on OMR sheets for identification ?
• What scanner model should I choose ?
• Which software should I use for scanning and data extraction ?
• Should I need Imprinting support during scanning of OMR sheets ?
• Which database should I use for data storage ?
• Which software should I use for performing database operation and generation of reports ?
• Which type of support I need from the service provider after OMR implementation ?
• Whether the software provider is capable of carrying out customization for any specific change in user requirement ?
• Who are the organizations currently using OMR solutions from the service provider (i.e case studies) ?
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